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Marc's Notes

Marc in 1955 - look closely at the book he's holding!

Marc, age 1, circa late summer 1955.
Is that a really an early Macintosh manual?
(1955? Wow—Marc must be really old by now!)

Comments, Ramblings, Rants & Tips

NEW iMac G5 logic board repair service offered — Is your early model iMac G5 broken? Can't justify an $800+ repair from Apple? We may be able to help!

First Snow in August — Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard install on my Mac Pro!

I'm With Stupid — Why I like my son-in-law (posted April 1st, 2009)

Affordable Mac Pro eSATA Storage — A neat do-it-yourself project for adding solid external storage to your Mac Pro.

Strategy for buying a new Mac — Some cost saving tips and a look at my last two Mac purchases including my latest Mac Pro.

Simple LCD Screen Test — In a rush to test my 23" Cinema HD display, I hacked together some simple web pages to blast pure color at your retinas. It facilitates the manual task of finding and counting bad and stuck pixels. Here is vesion 2.0!

Dreamweaver and Professional Web Design — A true <RANT> so proceed here with caution... you have been warned!

Dreamweaver Sites and the Keychain Sync of Death — Putting a ponderable curiosity to rest and recalling that thinking things through is an admirable quality sometime lacking in large software companies (like Adobe).

Dreamweaver FTP Password Stuff — Digging into digging out the encrypted FTP password stored in Dreamweaver .ste files on a Mac.

MacCetera Tiger Server — I've been working with a nearby school district since late 2005, dealing with the toxic computing environment found in the K-8 classroom. To that end I have a Mac OS X Server running as my "crash test dummy" sandbox.

Random Favorites — A "how-to" for a neat iPod Playlist. Using Smart playlists to hear your infrequently played tunes.

Technical Triviata — Nifty and useful Apple droppings. Some references from the source.

MacCetera Clearance Sale — Help us clear out some, er, interesting Macintosh junk that is laying around here unused! Think of this as a never ending "virtual garage sale" that will be randomly updated as we strive to make our workshop less cluttered.

Personal Mac trials and tribulations

iBook Keyboard Woes — "QW_RTYU__P" sound familiar? Where have all the letters gone? Apple denies that there is a defect... and Bush says we're winning in Iraq.

Digital Audio G4 — What started out as a dead Mac is now my main machine. The case and motherboard are all that's original.

Dual 1.8Ghz G4 Benchmark — Putting the top model Sonnet G4 Duet in the DA G4 gave me the opportunity to run some benchmarks. Interesting numbers include the OWC Mercury Extreme 1.3GHz that plagued me with kernel panics.

Yosemite — Seriously upgrading a B&W G3. G4 ZIF, multiple drives and it's now a Tiger Server here.

The Beige G3 Question — Now what? Information for the few hangers-on.

Tributes to technology or just plain tributes

RoadChicken — My life with PowerBooks and the incredibly long-lived Pismo G3.

Never Say Never — The G4L PC Story, or how some good friends committed several obscene acts with a G4 Tower, and why it's actually cool (PG13 due to content). This is the one mac that has been irrevocably harmed.

A Farewell to T-Net — The best ISP in Central Wisconsin!

Pages for the terminally curious

Marc & Tammy's Home Page — If you're really interested as to who we are, this simple site created in 1996 reveals trivial information.

Lunar Productions' Foundation — Legacy of our Apple II days. Wow, am I dating myself here. Doesn't anyone remember the Apple IIgs? Kansasfest?

MacCetera LLC's Wisconsin Articles of Organization— Originated on March 22, 2003, this is a thrilling document.

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