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Marc's Notes: Comments, Ramblings, Rants & Tips

Technical Triviata

Apples falling from the tree...

The following links inside Apple's support area reveal great trivia on the more modern Macs and the software that arrived with them.

Mac OS: Versions, builds included with Intel-based Macs — Now that the PPC has been replaces across the entire Apple product line, it's tie to start paying attention to Intel Mac OS versions.

Mac OS: Versions, builds included with computers (since 1998) — Discover which version of Mac OS came with any particular PPC machine, from the B&W G3 on.

Mac OS 8 and 9: Compatibility with Macintosh computers — What vintage Mac OS works on which vintage Mac... from 8.0 to 9.2.2 and going back all the way to the Centris and Quadra.

Mac OS X: About This Mac "Build" Information — Ever wonder what version of Mac OS X is lurking under the psuedonym of 6C115, or perhaps 7B85?

Macintosh: Some Computers Only Start Up in Mac OS X — The few, the proud, the Quark assault team *.

Power Mac G4: How to Differentiate Between Models — Part 1 starts wiith the PCI Graphics model, and follows with AGP Graphics and Gigabit Ethernet, completing this paper with the Digital Audio model.

Power Mac G4: How to Differentiate Between Models — Part 2 covers both Quicksilver models, both Mirrored Drive Doors models, and the FW 800 model stuck between the later two.

* Rumors abound that Apple's move to stop Mac OS 9 booting on a series of Macs was the play of a grand hand of poker with Quark. The story goes that Quark wasn't moving to create a Mac OS X version of Quark XPress because their (large) customer base could just run under Mac OS 9 – booted 9, not Classic mode. It was quite coincidental that shortly after Quark released XPress 6 for Mac OS X that Apple announced that new Macs would again be able to boot Mac OS 9.

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