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Macintosh Services

Why call MacCetera?

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We have one company policy: "Do the right thing."

This is evidenced by the fact that many of our clients come to us through recommendations from existing clients.

If you're reading this because a friend told you about us, you know this already.

If instead, you stumbled here though Google or some other search for Macintosh help, here are a few things that set us apart from even the great folks at the Apple Store Genius Bar:

  1. We make house calls... even evenings and weekends.
    • This saves you from hauling your computer in for service while giving us the advantage of working with your complete system, peripherals and network or internet setup.
    • Sometimes service will require us to bring your computer into our shop, but often that's best determined at an on-site visit.
  2. We work with all Macs and all versions of Mac OS.
    • We're experienced with all Apple products, from the '80s through today's latest systems.
    • Out-of-warranty repair can be particularly expensive through Apple depending on the problem.
  3. We don't sell Macs which means we have no reason to advise you your current Mac needs to be replaced.
    • Apple makes exceptional hardware with a greater life cycle than other personal computers... and a Mac isn't obsolete until it no longer does everything you require of it.
    • The life of many older Macs can often be extended through cost-effective upgrades... like adding additional memory, or larger hard drives, or a more recent version of the operating system.
  4. We'll tell you if a trip to the Apple Store Genius Bar is the best solution.
    • This is almost universally true if your Mac is under warranty and the problem is with the system's hardware.
      (make a Genius Bar appointment through the store's Concierge page here: Milwaukee Mayfair or Milwaukee Bayshore)
    • Call us first and we can probably advise you over the phone for free... we may even be able to help you solve your problem yourself.

Our goal is to solve your problem. If we do our job, you'll be happy, and you just might recommend us to another Mac friend.

We know Macs

An old adage of ours is "never pretend you know what you're doing" — something especially true in computer support.

Some computer technicians will say they know about Macs. They assume that their experience with other computers will get them through a Macintosh problem. In reality they only know that Macs are computers, and how is that different than any other PC?

We have one "PC" in-house for testing our web design work. From our experience with Windows — from 3.1 through XP — one is more than enough for any Mac shop. We don't pretend to know Windows or PCs — at least not well enough to offer qualified support, but you can rest assured that we do know Macs!

Mac consulting

Southeeast Wisconsin nine county area mapWe solve problems on everything from "Classic" Mac OS, through the latest release of Mac OS X.

Mac OS X is a far cry from its predecessor. Built on the powerful BSD flavor of UNIX, it was indeed a radical change for Apple, but one they accomplished with the legendary attention to detail and user experience that sets them apart.

Wisconsin mapFrom new system installation, to solving issues with your existing Mac, for anything that affects your experience, we're confident we can provide your solution.

We're ready to help you overcome the practical issues that Mac OS X brings to the table. Things like older application compatibility, Windows migration, system and networking configuration, server setup, and a whole lot more.

Our Macintosh services are customized to your real world needs. We'll come to your business or home, anywhere within the nine counties in Southeastern Wisconsin, and have ventured further for special cases.

Mac problem solving, upgrading and repair

Our service experience cuts across the Macintosh world, from older classic Macs through the complete Power PC and Intel Macintosh lines, including Mac Pros, MacBooks, iMacs and the Mac Mini. We are also skilled at battery and hard drive replacement in many models of the iPod.

Give us a call — there is a good chance we can help you over the phone. If not, we'll schedule a visit to your office or home. Our prices are surprisingly reasonable, and our experience speaks for itself.

Thinking about upgrading your current Macintosh? Upgrades, service, maintenance and recovering lost data are all tasks we handle on a regular basis. More memory? Larger hard drive? DVD burner? Wireless networking? Not a problem!

If your Mac isn't "happy" call us — we know what to do. We only charge for our time and costs, and of course, estimates are free!

Anything else?

There is an amazing brand loyalty among Macintosh owners, and we unashamedly share this "anomaly" of the computer world with millions of other Mac people.

We love Macs... we love "happy" Macs even more. We're eager to help you with any Macintosh idea, task or problem!


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