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Web Services Pricing

Web design services

$75 per hour for general site design, maintenance, graphic design, scanning, web media conversion, PHP or Javascript programming, SQL database design and other web services.

NEW!!! — If your web site requires periodic updates, consider the value and savings of our web site maintenance plans →

Complete web design & hosting packages
are available at very competitive rates!

Commercial web hosting (Updated January 28, 2009)

MacCetera hosting is on Intel Xeon Unix servers running Apache.

$100 prepaid annually, MacCetera web hosting includes 250 MB storage, 2 GB (2,048 MB) traffic per month and 5 e-mail accounts
$25 one-time setup fee for non-design package clients
$10 one-time setup fee per co-located or parked domain

$24 per 250 MB additional server storage
$6 per 1 GB (1,024 MB) additional monthly traffic
$6 per 10 additional pop e-mail accounts
$12 each mySQL database
$12 each co-located domain (parked domains are free)

Add-ons can be included at any time — actual cost will be adjusted to coincide with the duration of your current annual hosting period.

Domain name registration

Years Price Save
2 $26.95 9.8%
3 $39.95 10.9%
4 $51.95 13.1%
5 $63.95 14.4%
6 $75.95 15.3%
7 $86.95 16.9%
8 $98.95 17.3%
9 $108.95 19.0%
10 $119.95 19.7%

$14.95 for 1 year – by registering your domain for longer terms you can save even more!

Name registration pricing is valid for all .biz, .com, .info, .net, .org and .us domains.

Web Package Special: Your first year's primary domain name registration is included with any design and hosting package. If you wish to register your domain for a period greater than one year, the domain registration cost will be adjusted accordingly. This must be decided prior to initially registering your domain. For example: a 3 year registration, would be only $26.95, the 2 year price, if we are designing and hosting your web site.

MacCetera web site maintenance plans

BRONZE 12 $810 normally $900 — SAVE 10%
For sites requiring minor timely updates, this plan provides 12 hours of our services, as-needed annually.

SILVER 24 $1530 normally $1800 — SAVE 15%
A better deal for moderate updates, we offer 24 hours of as-needed services per year.

GOLD 36 $2160 normally $2700 — Save 20%
The best value for more involved annual site services, we deliver 36 hours of on-demand web maintenance.

All plans can be prepaid annually or semi-annually. The Silver and Gold plans plans can be prepaid quarterly. Contact Us for plan details.

Self maintenance package

Do-It-Yourself Professional Content Management!
Contribute by Adobe/Macromedia
Ask us about Adobe's free 30 day software trial.

$399 — Our complete package includes:

  • Adobe Contribute CS4 collaborative web editing software one licensed copy for Mac or Windows, a $199 value! (more info)
  • On-site installationMac OS: PowerPC® G4, G5 or multicore Intel® processor with Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. Windows: 1GHz or faster processor with Windows® XP SP2 or Vista® SP1.
  • 2 hours hands-on trainingtailored to maintaining and updating your MacCetera designed site.

This package is not "boxed" and consists of the current Mac or Windows Adobe Contribute CS4 installer provided on CD or other media. One (1) software serial number and license included allowing installation on one primary computer, and one portable or home computer.

Amazon has some great deals on Contribute books
Check out thier offerings online now!

Policies/Terms of Service

The following are our business policies effective Monday, August 30, 2010 and apply to all aspects of our operations.

General Pricing and Billing

  1. All charges EXCEPT WEB SERVICES are subject to Wisconsin State Sales Tax.
  2. Macintosh services are payable in full at time of service unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  3. Commercial clients are billed one hour minimum plus 1/3 hour (20 minute) blocks thereafter, for all hourly services.
  4. Residential services are billed one hour minimum plus 1/6 hour (10 minute) blocks thereafter, for all hourly services.
  5. Clients located in northern or western Dodge, western Jefferson, Kenosha, northern Ozaukee, southern Walworth or northern Washington counties, will be charged a minimum 1-1/2 hour fee.
  6. Web design projects require a deposit of 1/3 to 1/2 of the design quote at project start. Remaining balance is due at time of publication or delivery to client.
  7. Project quotes are valid for 90 days.
  8. Special terms are available for extended projects such as consulting, maintenance, and web or software development.
  9. For our invoiced services, our terms are net 15 days. MacCetera may charge 1.5% simple interest on overdue balances after 30 days.
  10. Past due web service balances greater than 45 days are subject to suspension of hosting or removal of web content.

Internet and web services

  1. MacCetera undertakes no liability with respect to client web content. We reserve the right to terminate hosting if the client web content is deemed inappropriate or illegal under Wisconsin State or United States Federal statutes.
  1. MacCetera allows a 15 day grace period on annual web hosting renewal. Delinquent accounts will be suspended. Accounts remaining unpaid for 60 days will be terminated.
  2. Domain names are registered directly to the client as domain owner of record. There is no grace period on name renewal.
  3. Hosting quotas can be increased as required. Upgrade cost will be prorated to the duration of current hosting term. Suspension due to bandwidth limits will remain in effect until the account bandwidth quota is upgraded or the beginning of the next month.
  4. Web maintenance plans are all prepaid and subject to these additional terms:
    1. The allocated hours are available throughout the plan duration, and may accumulate. You are not required to use our time on a monthly basis and unused hours may be carried over into subsequent plan agreements.
    2. Bronze12 or Silver 24 plans may be upgraded can at any time with unused hours prorated in your favor.
    3. Hours exceeding one half of the plan allocation in any quarter are considered outside of the plan and are billable at our current rate. No more than 6, 12, or 18 hours apply in any 3 month period under the respective Bronze 12, Silver 24 or Gold 36 plans without prior agreement.
    4. MacCetera will make every effort to respond to work requests within a 72 hour period during normal business hours.
    5. The client may terminate the plan at any time. Remaining plan hours are non-refundable but will be credited at dollar value to future web services within 18 months of termination.
    6. MacCetera may not terminate the plan as long as the account is in good standing. Should we be unable to fulfill the terms of the plan, the paid equivalent of any remaining hours will be fully refunded at the plan’s hourly rate.
    7. MacCetera reserves the right to adjust the offered plans at any time however no cost increase or time reduction will ever be made to an existing agreement.
    8. Maintenance plans do not include costs of additional services such as web hosting or domain name fees or charges.
    9. Our plans can be applied to sites MacCetera did not develop.

Refer to Mac Services Pricing for Policy/Terms of Service items 11 through 16, pertaining to Macintosh services and Media services.

If you have any specific questions with respect to these, or would like to discuss special terms, please contact us. Our goal is to develop exceptional relationships with all of our clients and we look forward to hearing from you.

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