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Mac Services Pricing

Commercial Mac consulting

$75 per hour on site, 1 hour minimum.

Residential Mac help

$60 per hour in your home, 1 hour minimum.

Macintosh repair

$50 per hour, plus parts at 10% over cost.
If work is performed at client's site, the standard Commercial or Residential hourly rates apply.

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Audio/Video conversion

Single 12" LP, 7" tape reel, or cassette to CD
$20 converted as 2 tracks (side 1/2).
$28split into individual tracks.
Additional charges may apply for audio cleanup and editing.

CD to MP3 Disk conversion
$6 first source audio CD.
$1 each additional source CD.

Short Run CD or DVD duplication
$6per CD for first copy.
$1 each additional CD of same image.
$15per DVD for first copy.
$3 each additional DVD of same image.

Short Run DATA CD or DVD mastering
$20per CD master.
$1 each additional CD from master.
$50per DVD master.
$3 each additional DVD from master.

VHS, VHS-C, and DVC to DVD conversion
$35 digitize up to 2 hours from video tapes.
$3 each duplicate DVD.

DVD to VHS conversion
$20 each source DVD or VCD.

Custom A/V editing

$50 per hour (includes CD or DVD master).

Policies/Terms of Service

The following are our business policies effective Monday, August 30, 2010 and apply to all aspects of our operations.

General Pricing and Billing

  1. All charges EXCEPT WEB SERVICES are subject to Wisconsin State Sales Tax.
  2. Macintosh services are payable in full at time of service unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  3. Commercial clients are billed one hour minimum plus 1/3 hour (20 minute) blocks thereafter, for all hourly services.
  4. Residential services are billed one hour minimum plus 1/6 hour (10 minute) blocks thereafter, for all hourly services.
  5. Clients located in northern or western Dodge, western Jefferson, Kenosha, northern Ozaukee, southern Walworth or northern Washington counties, will be charged a minimum 1-1/2 hour fee.
  6. Web design projects require a deposit of 1/3 to 1/2 of the design quote at project start. Remaining balance is due at time of publication or delivery to client.
  7. Project quotes are valid for 90 days.
  8. Special terms are available for extended projects such as consulting, maintenance, and web or software development.
  9. For our invoiced services, our terms are net 15 days. MacCetera may charge 1.5% simple interest on overdue balances after 30 days.
  10. Past due web service balances greater than 45 days are subject to suspension of hosting or removal of web content.

Macintosh services

  1. Macintosh consulting includes travel to your site within the nine county region of southeastern Wisconsin (See item 5). Contact us for commercial services to other areas, including Illinois.
  2. We provide service or upgrade hardware at 10% over our cost.
    1. Items we provide are covered by the manufacturer or vendors warranty and a one year labor warranty from MacCetera.
    2. Clients may choose to provide their own service or upgrade components however MacCetera will provide no labor warranty on client-provided items.
  3. MacCetera will make every effort to preserve your computer data as required, however this is not always possible and we are not liable for any data loss. Backup data is retained for 30 days. Retention beyond 30 days may be subject to storage charges.
  4. For in-house service, systems remaining unclaimed for more than 90 days are subject to sale or other dispersal to cover labor and/or material costs. Client data is securely removed prior to disposal.

Media services

  1. MacCetera undertakes no liability with respect to video or music copyright issues or legal performance restrictions. Media conversion and duplication services are provided with the understanding that the customer holds duplication and/or fair-use rights for the original material.
  2. Media masters are retained for 30 days unless otherwise requested for the purpose of additional use for the client. Retention beyond 30 days may be subject to storage charges.

Refer to Web Services Pricing for Policy/Terms of Service items 17 through 21, pertaining to our Internet and web services policies.

If you have any specific questions with respect to these, or would like to discuss special terms, please contact us. Our goal is to develop exceptional relationships with all of our clients and we look forward to hearing from you.

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