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MacCetera Web Design Creative Content Policy

Web sites are defined as the web pages, style sheets, graphics, and program code that combine to provide a complete web package. MacCetera designs sites that are unique for each client. Upon completion and acceptance of the the design by the client, and payment of any pending balance due MacCetera LLC, the web site becomes the property of the client. Use of the web site is limited to the original requested purpose. The web site design may not be resold.

Web elements that are portions of the web site may not be reused outside of the original web site context. This includes not only art and photography (see below), but can include other objects such as rendered fonts (see below), embedded styles, page code and program code.

Art & Photography Use Restrictions

The graphic content used in our web designs may...

  1. come from you, ...
  2. may be purchased stock artwork, or ...
  3. may be art or photography created by us.

Client Provided Content

Art or photography provided to us by the client is presumed to be art that the client has legal rights to use in the web design. The client retains full original rights to this art, as well as variations adapted for use on the web site.

It is very likely that we will adapt client provided or purchased stock artwork to suit the purpose of the web design. Any derived art retains its original use status.

Purchased Stock Content

Artwork or photography that is purchased from various stock content providers generally have limited use restrictions. This category of artwork may be used only for the purchased intent.

The client is charged for art or photographs in this category, and as such becomes the license holder for this content. The client is bound by the licensing agreement, which will be made available upon request.

The best course is to presume that purchased art or photography is licensed for use only in the web site context.

Licensing terms for content purchased from iStock Photo can be found here.

Contact us for more information.

MacCetera Created Content

MacCetera LLC retains copyright ownership to any unique artwork it creates or photography it produces, including our photographs adapted or edited for use on the client's web site.

Use of this art or photography is restricted to only the original design purpose.

If the design includes development of client branding, such as a business or site logo, that may be freely used by the client for their business purposes and will be made available to the client upon request.

Any other use of art or photography may only be with permission in writing from MacCetera LLC.

Contact us for more information.

Fonts & Typography Use Restrictions

MacCetera has licensed numerous font styles for use in graphic development. Licensing terms for unique fonts is limited to our use in art or photography we produce for our clients. We can provide specific artwork with rendered font art for client use beyond the web design, however we can not share actual font files with our clients.

We will be happy to provide licensing information and provider contact information for any unique fonts employed in a client's artwork.

Contact us for more information.

—These policies are effective July 22, 2007 and may be modified without notice—

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