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Macintosh Services

Media production

  • Macintosh Data CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
  • Hybrid (Mac/Win) Data CD-ROM or DVD-ROM

CD/DVD mediaCD and DVD data media is commonplace. "Burners" are cheap and everyone seems to be doing business with CDs and DVDs these days. But disks aren't always easy things to make. Not everyone uses Macs—or Windows—and media created for one platform may be useless on another.

We specialize in Macintoshâ„¢ and cross-platform CD-ROM and DVD-ROM production so your data can reach the widest audience.

Video conversion & editing

  • VHS tape to DVD or VCD
  • DVD or VCD to VHS tape
  • Live broadcast capture to DVD
  • DVD duplication

VHS has given way to DVD, although there are still plenty of home videos floating around. VHS, as a magnetic media, tends to degrade over time and through use.

We can convert your VHS movies to DVD format, which suffers none of these problems. Our loss-less process will preserve your priceless video. Note that the quality of the tapes will dictate the quality of the resulting disk based video.

We can also convert VCD and DVD to VHS tape, or capture and edit your movies to create a custom video for your collection or business presentation. This includes slide shows of still digital images with animated captions and custom soundtracks.

Audio conversion & editing

  • LP Record & "45" to Audio or MP3 CD
  • Custom audio editing
  • Reel-to-Reel to Audio or MP3 CD
  • Custom audio mixing
  • Cassette to Audio or MP3 CD
  • Audio and MP3 CD conversion

If you're older than 40 or so you probably not only remember vinyl records — those black 12" or 7" platters with the hole in the middle — you probably have few laying around collecting dust somewhere.

Along with LP's, Reel-to-Reel tapes dominated the high fidelity market.

Cassettes followed these as a portable audio medium, and while cassettes are still viable, CD audio is the reigning king.

We can convert your old audio record, tape or cassette collection to Audio CD. Naturally going from analog to digital media can't yield the full sound range of digitally mastered audio, and the condition of the original media also plays a critical part in the resulting quality, but we can digitally clean up the sound as required, reducing the hisses and pops that are endemic to vinyl, improving the range of cassettes, and faithfully copying the range of tape reels.

We know there are thousands of older recordings that just are not available on CD, so we offer this service not only for single, complete albums, but also for specialty mixes.

Occasionally a custom audio mix or edit is the right solution for dance, sporting events, tournaments or other performance situations. We've produced custom timed audio mixes for things like individual karate demonstrations, school dance contests, and specialty use in DVD production. We can mix, crop, chop and even extend audio pieces to produce a piece that is exactly right for your purpose.

Addendum, November 2007: Reel-to reel conversions have become somewhat problematic due to aging equipment and the typical quality of degraded client media. We may continue to provide reel tape digitizing on a case-by-case basis, but can not guarauntee high quality or quick turnaround for that media. Please call or contact us if you have a need for this service.

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