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One Business — Multiple Specialties

MacCetera LLC - Macintosh and Internet Services

You are...

  • ...a small-business owner without a web presence?more infoToday more people use the internet to find businesses and services than any other form of advertising!
  • organization looking to update your web site?more infoIs your web site doing its job? Is your web developer not returning your calls? It may be time to talk to us.
  • ...a creative pro looking for help with your Macintosh?more infoWorking in the design / print world can occasionally throw a real stumper to even the most seasoned pro.
  • ...a casual Mac user having a problem with anything?more infoTrying something new that should work but doesn't? Did an update break something else?
  • ...looking for Mac upgrade or after-warranty service?more infoNeed a bigger hard drive or more memory? Afraid of high repair costs from Apple? Call us for realistic options.
  • ...a recent switcher needing one-on-one assistance?more infoMac OS X is different than Windows. Making the transition to a Mac is easy but can be a bit confusing at first.
  • IT pro dealing with with Macs in a PC world?more infoDealing with Macs in the enterprise, or tuning up a Mac OS X Server can seem daunting at times.
  • ...a small-business, print shop, church, club, school district, or just "Joe" or "Jane" down the street.more infoOur sole specialty is providing a personalized touch for a wide range of Mac and web service areas.

We are...

  • ...a developer of affordable, on-target web designs.more infoOur custom-tailored web "design-to-online" solutions can expand your marketplace beyond mainstreet.
  • ...ready to take your existing web site to the next level.more infoWe are a reliable provider of updates - from immediate small changes, to total web site redesigns.
  • ...a resource for print & graphic industry professionals.more infoWith our deep Mac technical skills, we can provide elusive solutions to get you productive again quickly.
  • on-site solution for almost any Mac issue or trouble.more infoWorking with you, on your system, in your home, is the best way to get you "unstuck" on any Mac issue.
  • ...skilled at fixing and keeping older Macs productive.more infoA Mac is obsolete only when is doesn't do what you need. We're really good at keeping obsolescence at bay.
  • ...a patient mentor for all levels of Mac education.more infoWe help you get past the stumbling blocks of switching, or using various Macintosh software efficiently.
  • ...experienced in Mac client and server administration.more infoWe do the heavy lifting, from Mac clients on business networks, to Mac servers in K-12 education.
  • ...committed to provide the best value for service in Macintosh support or web design and hosting.more infoFollowing our business motto "do the right thing" means putting your needs first - everytime - always!

MacCetera is a family owned business located in Hartland Wisconsin.

You can also download our pretty MacCetera Tri-fold Brochure for an overall picture of who we are and why you should choose MacCetera for your Macintosh™ or Web Services solution!

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