Sadly, the Montessori Center closed its doors in August, 2007.
This design remains an excellent example of a small, extremely simple, yet effective web site.
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Within the child lies the fate of the future.

—Dr. Maria Montessori

It is the mission and purpose of the Montessori of Central Wisconsin to provide an excellent resource; a non-denominational, education-based preschool/daycare for the entire community, making the community a more vibrant and progressive population overall.

The Montessori of Central Wisconsin, Inc. is a non-profit corporation offering quality education based on the principles of the Montessori philosophy.

Through a carefully planned and challenging education-based environment, students develop to their fullest potential-intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.

By closely communicating with parents within a consistent Montessori framework, a dynamic partnership of child, parent and teacher is fostered. As a result, each student is empowered by the Montessori program.

American Montessori Society